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Social Distancing Signage Melbourne

Install branded COVID-19 stickers and signage in your business to encourage social distancing and hand washing and raise awareness on how to stop the spread of this highly infectious disease.

Get the Best Social Distancing Signage for Business

To assist businesses during this difficult time, we have created a comprehensive range of specialist social distancing signs for all your business requirements enabling you to continue trading safely during COVID-19 restrictions. Our range of signs and social distancing stickers is designed to support businesses in encouraging and educating staff and customers about the practice of social distancing and increase awareness surrounding hygiene measures like hand washing and using hand sanitiser. At Ausign, we understand the importance of maintaining your business during this unprecedented time and we are here to help you enforce new processes and share important safety messages with customised workplace hygiene signage.

COVID 19 Hygiene Signage Options

Posters and Wall Signage - Remind people of distancing and hygiene rules with best practice health and safety hygiene signs or we can make something to your unique requirements.
  • Floor Signs - A practical reminder to observe social distancing rules and incredibly helpful in situations where there is queuing. We specialise in high quality floor social distancing decals with anti-slip properties for the ultimate in safety. Ideal for various surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Roller Banners – If you're open and trading, make sure people know it with eye-catching social distancing pull up banners. We can make them to suit your specific requirements.
  • Handwash Hygiene Signage – Our custom handwash hygiene stickers includes “sanitize hands” stickers and general workplace hygiene stickers that remind customers to use sanitizer upon entry or to educate customers and staff on correct handwashing techniques.

COVID 19 Signage for Hospitality, Retail and Gyms

All businesses should have health and safety hygiene signs, stickers and posters around the workplace to remind workers and customers of the risks of COVID-19 and the measures that are necessary to stop its spread. COVID 19 signage for cafes, restaurants, shops, gyms and pubs should include information on how you can stop it spreading, how to wash your hands and the physical distancing requirements within the business.

Install Workplace Hygiene Stickers Today

As well as designing and manufacturing sanitize hands signage and COVID 19 signage for restaurants and retail stores, we can also deliver and install it for you too – contact free of course! Whatever your social distancing signage requirements, Ausign is here to help. From workplace hygiene banners to full shopfront signage and lightboxes, check out our services today. Get in touch with us on (03) 9419 0970 or contact us online.

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