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A well-designed sign is one of most cheap and effective marketing options available to business owners, especially if the sign is placed at their storefront, or on their premises. For a more effective signage solution, have you ever considered getting an illuminated sign? The benefits are great for your business, and your community. Here’s how they help:

Benefits of an illuminated sign

  • Seeing as they are still high-quality signs, they will provide your business with some of the most cost-effective methods of advertising available.
  • They serve as highly effective methods of drawing the attention of shoppers, and also help to raise the chances of them making an impulse buy.
  • The sign will be highly visible, no matter what time of day it is. This means your business will benefit from 24/7 advertising. Remaining front of mind in your potential customers’ minds, even if your business is closed.
  • If you ensure that your sign is well-made and provides all the necessary information about your business, you have a better chance of eliciting interest in passers-by, helping to ensure that they will visit your shop.

More than just a sign

Illuminated signs also offer benefits to the community surrounding your shop:

  • A well-lit sign can help illuminate darker areas, and as such can help make the roads safer for drivers, especially those with poor night vision.
  • An illuminated sign can also help to lower the chances of crime taking place in the area it’s situated in, seeing as a well-lit space is less attractive to criminals.
  • It can help with daytime visibility in the event of bad weather. Just keep in mind that you have to make sure that your sign is approved by your local council.

These above benefits are more likely to be relevant for your sign if they are designed to be clearly visible, and are legible. Your sign should also not be too bright, otherwise it might cause discomfort for people looking at it. Another consideration is the energy costs of the sign, so be sure to use a Melbourne signage company that can provide you with an energy efficient solution, for example, using LED lights.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne signwriter, contact the team at Ausign today!

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