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When people start designing their advertising, they sometimes forget about their font style, without realising how important this part of their design is. If the font is too small, too curly or not bold enough, people won’t pay attention and simply move on, costing them potential customers.

A font should be high-quality and contrast effectively against the backdrop being used since you want people to be able to read your banner in five seconds or less, and still get the maximum impact of your messaging.

When you start thinking about what font to use, consider the elements of great fonts that work such as:

  • Contrast – This is how much your font stands out against your chosen background. Black over white is easy to read, and white letters surrounded by black outlines work against most other background colours.
  • Size – This is how large the size of your font is. If you are not sure what the optimal size should be, try different sizes at various distances.
  • Clarity – This is how clear your message is coming across. If you use creative font types, you lose clarity, while with simple fonts, you can get the message across better and clearer.
  • Target Audience – This will determine which font to use, whether you are catering to everyday shoppers or high-end clients.
  • Mixing Fonts – This should be avoided at all costs, as mixing font styles will confuse people.

Some of the best fonts to use are:

  • Serif

This style is where the letters have angular lines that start at the top and the bottom – a common example is Times New Roman, but you can also choose Bodoni, Garamond and Trajan.

  • Sans Serif

This is a variant of Serif that does not have the angular points, and is a popular choice for banners because of how easy it is to read. This group includes Frutiger, Futura and Helvetica.

  • Novelty

Use strong contrasting colours when you use a font style from this group because the text is very tricky to read and potential customers will not be able to tell what you offer or even your business’s name.

If you’re still not sure which font style to use, get some mock-ups done and stick them in your store for a week and then decide what is working best for you.For more advice or signage assistance, feel free to contact us for help.

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