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Australians love Christmas, and everything that accompanies it – including the Christmas trees, string lights, reindeer, mistletoe and most importantly – the presents! With a flurry of last-minute shopping expected to continue right until the 25th, your business needs to capitalise on the Christmas sales rush and make sure potential customers know that you’re doing something special for the holidays. The best way you can do this is through Christmas advertising banners.

Here’s how:

  • Use a green/red colour scheme

Red and green are colours synonymous with the holidays. Visual reminders using colour are powerful as a person looking at them will instantly associate it with Christmas, without having to read any words provided. It’s why you need to use it in your banners, so it can be detected from far away and by passing traffic.

  • Incorporate Santa/Reindeers/Elves

This tip works well when your shop is trying to appeal to families and children. You can use imagery of Santa Claus as well as his elves and reindeer to remind shoppers that there needs to be gifts under the tree on Christmas morning – and they better be prepared for it. You can also hire a Santa suit and have a staff member dress up as him – and alert passing shoppers with a banner saying that Santa is inside and can’t wait to meet them!

  • Focus on Christmas messaging

Lifestyle experts tell us we should buy Christmas presents throughout the year so we don’t scramble at the last minute to get something. The reality is that most people will wait until the last minute to hit the shops in search of something suitable. Put yourself in their shoes. What kind of message lifeline could you offer a panicked, last minute shopper? Perhaps you can promise them a free gift-wrapping service or a personalised greeting card.

  • Offer presents and Candy Canes

Everyone loves getting a free gift or sweet treat. Why not entice people walking past your store with a banner promising a free gift or candy gift for every purchase made over a certain amount? Few people will pass up the opportunity to be able to place two presents under the Christmas tree, having only paid for one.

Haven’t prepared any Christmas advertising banners as yet? There’s still time. Contact us for advice on getting the perfect banner for your store this festive season.