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Portfolio Category: Traditional Signwriting

Not everything is best done digitally, which is why we’re proud to be one of the few Melbourne companies to offer traditional signwriting services. We specialise in personalised hand-painted shop-front signs and fluoro window work.

This old-school form of signwriting is an art form that remains an integral part of our service offering because, while it’s been around for as long as there have been walls, it continues to be an essential part of the industry.

You may wonder why this is the case when digital and computerised printing has revolutionised the industry in so many ways. Well, it’s simple: hand-painted signwriting is often the best and most affordable way of getting the job done and the message across.

The surface on which the signage needs to be displayed is often what dictates the choice of medium. In the case of heavily textured surfaces like brick, sand-blasted and corrugated walls, the most effective and affordable results are achieved the old-fashioned way – with brushes, paint and an expert signwriter in Melbourne.

Traditional signwriting techniques are also great if you want to add a retro vibe to your store or business. Old-school, hand-painted wall signs would add an extra layer of authenticity and class to a store selling vintage fashion or a classic Italian restaurant.

The real craftsmanship involved in creating quality traditional signs can add a rich layer of creativity and style to any interior or exterior. The possibilities are endless.

We also use hand-painted techniques to enhance signage created with digital and computerised technologies. This gives us the flexibility to show off our creativity and expertise. Our work speaks for itself, as you’ll see from the examples in this portfolio.

Despite all the digital techniques and computerised signage options available these days, hand-painted signwriting is growing in popularity. If you need quality-guaranteed hand-painted signwriting to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd, get in contact with Ausign today.