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Whether you’re a company owner or sole trader using your vehicle for promotional purposes, car wrapping offers a unique way to make a statement while on the move. It’s an ever-present billboard, showcasing your message to the world. However, if you think that slapping a few vinyl graphic letters on the side of a car is all that it takes to reap the rewards of this outdoor advertising medium, you couldn’t be more wrong! Achieving effective vehicle signage requires attention to detail. Ausign has wrapped hundreds of cars with pretty much everything you can think of. Our years of experience have helped us develop a list of recommendations we give to all of our clients… o here are our do’s and don’ts of vehicle signage to make yours stand out in the right way.

DO – Keep It Short

How much time do you think that the average person has to read a message on a passing vehicle? Five seconds? Try 1.4! If they only have this long, and you plan on using a full sentence of text, it is not going to get read. Stick to 5 words or less and use your logo instead of your company name where possible.

DON’T – Go Too Crazy

The novelty of branding something so unusually shaped may entice you to try something detailed and creative, or something witty and smart. Again, the average person probably won’t have the time to read and react to this. You need to make the most of a snap judgement.

DO – Go Large

Small text that’s hard to read won’t be effective at getting your message across. Passersby need to comprehend your message swiftly, so opt for the biggest font sizes possible for the available space. Also remember to choose simple fonts that are easy to read, intricate or overly stylised fonts might hinder readability, especially from a distance.

DON’T – Skimp On Quality

Your branding is going to be exposed to hours of Australian sunshine, the wind, rain – not to mention repeated cleaning and the occasional ding. A good quality wrap will be able to withstand all the above and more. A cheap one will leave you with a branded car you would rather hide in the garage than have seen in public.

DO – Consider What Your Branding Will Look Like From All Angles

When branding a three-dimensional object, you need to make sure your branding is easy to read and clearly visible from all angles, with the car doors open and closed. Failing to do this is a mistake even the industry giants have been known to make. Starbucks once branded their vehicle with their name on its side, failing to notice that when the doors were slid open, the side of the truck read ‘sucks.’

Crafting effective vehicle signage involves a balance of simplicity, clarity, and brand consistency. By adhering to the dos and steering clear of the don’ts, your company cars can become powerful mobile advertising tools that effectively communicate your message, promote your brand, and garner positive attention on the road.

For superior car wrapping, Melbourne businesses turn to Ausign. For decades we have been the trusted local choice for effective and affordable signage, we can help with shop signs, digital printing, light boxes, vinyl banners, and vehicle signage. Brunswick to Hawthorn and everywhere in between – we are here to help with high-quality signage solutions. Enquire online now.