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Is your business hosting a sporting event? Maybe you have a stall at a trade exhibition? Get the maximum brand recognition and attention by using outdoor banner advertising.

Outdoor banners are easy to make and install and their robust durability due to the quality materials used in their manufacture means that they’ll last a long time. You can use them for a variety of applications, including advertising for conferences, campuses, trade shows, golf days and press conferences.

Effective outdoor banner advertising requires a well thought out design. Consider these 5 top tips to create compelling banners for your brand.

  1. Define your goal

What do you want your banners to achieve? Factor in your target audience and define your goal. Once that’s done, you’re off to a good start and are on your way to achieving your desired outcomes.

  1. Consider strategic placement for maximum impact

In order for your banner to make the most impact, it has to be seen. Consider the event venue carefully to find the areas that will give your marketing material the best chance of being seen by your target market.

  1. Size and style matters

Another benefit of researching the venue is so that you know what dimensions your outdoor banners should be. From what distance will your banner be viewed by your target audience? Banners viewed on a sports field, for example, will need to be larger than those at the entrance to a trade show.

  1. Simple is powerful

Sporting and other business events are busy affairs, and heavy traffic flow can prevent your banner from communicating your marketing messages effectively, especially if signage has a complicated design or message. Keep your banner design and message simple, but make sure it’s striking enough to grab attention and share a brand message the audience will be able to grasp quickly.

  1. Always include a call to action

Make your call to action simple and clear, with easy-to-read contact details if you’re asking them to call, email or visit your website.

To make sure your brand message is seen and absorbed by the right people, start with these best practice tips. Our knowledgeable and highly proficient staff at Ausign have lots of other great ideas to help you make an impact. Call us today and let’s talk signs.