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Are you thinking about investing in signage for your business? You might have recently moved to a new location and want locals to be able to identify you, or maybe you have updated your business name. Here’s an opportunity to update your current or new signage with something more modern. Find out what vinyl lettering is, and what it offers, so you can decide if it would be the best option for your business.

Vinyl cut lettering typically features letters and numbering cut from a vinyl surface, but it can also be provided in a specific shape or design. It is done so using specialist machinery and can be created in metallic, chrome and other eye-catching finishes. It can be applied to just about any surface, including metal surfaces (for branding vehicles), plastic and glass (for storefronts), and even painted surfaces (such as exterior walls). It can easily be removed without leaving any trace of it ever having been there.

Advantages of vinyl cut lettering

As vinyl cut letters can be applied to a variety of surfaces, it is incredibly versatile. It has no limitations in terms of size either. Removing it is easy and it doesn’t damage surfaces, making it a great option for office and storefront rentals. It can also be applied to cars or vans, making it a great mobile form of advertising for your business.

Usually, this form of branding is created and then delivered to the customer, who can then apply it themselves when and where they want to.

Because it’s so easy to amend and remove, it works well when you’re communicating operating hours (which might change seasonally) as well as time-sensitive specials and promotions.

Vinyl cut lettering can be cut into certain shapes and outlines, and this can be creatively leveraged by your business to catch customers’ attention, and let people know about a certain product or service. For example, you could create pumpkins and ghost outlines for Halloween, and Christmas trees for the Festive Season, and even footballs and cars to celebrate relevant sporting events.

The choice is yours, and by partnering with an expert vinyl cutting company such as Ausign, you can really let your imagination run wild.