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Visual merchandising is a retail practice that optimises the presentation of products and services with the aim of enticing customers into the space, engaging with them and motivating them to make a purchase, and it is an essential part of every retail business. When done properly, it creates awareness and heightens brand loyalty, as well as increases foot traffic, sales and profit. With the recent e-commerce boom, it’s never been more important for bricks and mortar stores to focus on improving their visual merchandising strategies and there’s no better way to do this than with light boxes. Since 1976, Ausign has provided Melbourne businesses with the signage they need to be successful, including shop fronts signage, banners, light boxes and more. Here’s 5 reasons why light boxes are a pivotal part of effective VM.

Continuous Advertising

Light boxes provide the opportunity to have your brand, products, services and messages on show 24/7, keeping businesses visible long after they are closed. Light boxes also create natural sense of curiosity, with people constantly drawn towards illuminated signage.

Instantly Stand Out

In busy retail environments, it’s easy for promotional posters to be lost amongst the noise as most retail shops and centres are saturated with advertisements and promotions. With the flattering back light providing extra depth and dimension, light boxes help make your products stand out, even when customers are otherwise distracted. 

Increase Visual Impact

Human eyes are attracted to bright lights and vibrant colours, and are more likely to remember them as a result. Light boxes illuminate your vivid colours, making them even sharper and more eye-catching. In noisy retail spaces, light boxes are the perfect way to make a statement and create an impact.

Inspire a Customer Connection

Light fosters feelings of happiness and positivity, and when someone feels happy, there’s a greater chance that they will want to enter your retail space and have a positive feeling towards your product or service. Light creates a vivacious energy that activates emotional triggers in consumers – something that every successful brand needs.

Quick, Easy and Affordable to Update

At the end of a promotion or at the start of a new season, shop décor must be updated. Changing posters and displays, is not only time consuming, it often requires a whole visual merchandising team to ensure the new decor is set-up correctly, matches the brand’s image and looks aesthetically pleasing. Light boxes typically only require the promotional skin to be changed, with the backlit display underneath remaining in place. This means a fast and seamless process to create a fresh new look and feel.

Light boxes can turn unassuming visual merchandising signs and displays into eye-catching images that instantly draw attention. If you want to succeed in the cluttered retail space, light boxes provide a cost-effective and attractive solution to ensure your products stand out in the crowd.

At Ausign, we offer high quality light box signage to businesses in Melbourne and beyond. Our team will work with you to create custom light boxes to complement and enhance your retail space. For more information or to discuss your requirements with us, get in touch online or call us today on (03) 9419 0970.