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Grab Attention With Shopfront Signs For Your Business

In the past, shops used storefront signs to draw attention to their business. As time went on and TV, radio and the internet entered our lives, this became seen as less important in comparison to advertising on these mediums. Modern businesses should invest in marketing to get their business out there, but without forgetting that shopfront signs are still one of the best ways to be identified.

Make sure people can locate you

How often have you provided directions to someone using buildings or landmarks as signposts? It’s because when something stands out and is in place for a long time, it becomes synonymous with that location and in turn, people start to remember and expect it when passing by. It also becomes a landmark for passers-by and a storefront could see dozens of cars and people pass it with at least a few of them looking for what that business is selling.

A cost-effective, long-term solution

The great thing about a quality, well-designed storefront sign is that you can set it and forget it. You won’t need to advertise it or point it out, nor will it need constant maintenance and amendments. Provided you choose a signage expert to design and install it for you, you should be able to enjoy your storefront sign for many years to come.

Key considerations

Imagine that you’re on a trip to an unfamiliar area and you’re looking for a clothes store You go online to search possible options and select a retailer based on its location, website and menu. Unfortunately, when you arrive there, you’re presented with an old, dingy sign covered in bird excrement and graffiti tags. You can barely make out the business’ name and because there’s so much text on the sign, you can barely read it.

In a situation like this, nobody would blame you if you decided to find another place to shop.

Now imagine that this was your business! It doesn’t matter how great your marketing is. If your first impression is bad, customers will stay away.

Ensure that you have a storefront sign with short and simple messaging and that uses modern colours and fonts. Find out how you can get your shopfront signs created and designed by Ausign. Contact us today!