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Are you ready for every shopper’s favourite time of year? The EOFY sales are just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to make the most of tax deduction and depreciation and score the best deals in town.

You’re competing in a tough market to get the most customers in-store and making purchases. To succeed, you need to make a splash and let people know about the great deals you’re offering. Creating a sense of urgency and excitement is paramount.

This is where you need a bold signage strategy. If you’re short on ideas, don’t worry because we’ve got plenty. Here’s how to make your EOFY sale a huge success, starting from the inside out:

  1. Walk the talk
    Use floor graphics to create a bright, bold interior and help customers navigate easily around the store. They can also be used on pavements and busy walkways to attract attention and make a splash. Floor graphics also offer a great branding opportunity.
  2. Work those windows
    Shout about your great deals with effective windows frosting and signage. This is a great option because it’s simple to implement, can be repositioned and moved with ease and don’t leave any sticky residue on the glass.
  3. Let fabric lead the way
    Fabric signs are incredibly versatile. You can use them in or outside your store and they’re light enough to be transported easily on foot. Best of all, they can be folded and stored away for next year, making them a cost-effective signage option.
  4. Fly the flag
    Moving beyond the store, teardrop flags are a bold way to increase your brand’s visibility and direct people to your store. Visible from some distance away, they’re great attention-grabbers.
  5. Drive your message home
    Literally, you can drive your message all around Melbourne with vehicle signage. Attract people as you and your staff travel across the city. It’s amazing how many people you’ll reach through this method.
  6. Take it to the people
    Pop-ups are a great way to take your merchandise to the market, instead of waiting for the market to come to you. Use bold branding and innovative signage to make your pop-up as attention-grabbing and as effective as possible.

Get in touch with the team at Ausign to make your EOFY sale the success it should be. With the right signage strategy, this might just be your most profitable year yet!

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