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One of the most eye-catching and effective forms of printed marketing has to be one-window window graphics. From shopfronts and offices to buses and company vehicles, businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from this cost-effective form of advertising which allows for striking window graphics without sacrificing visibility. Read on to find more about one-way vision window film, including how it works and how it can benefit your business.

How Does See-Through Window Film Work?

Similar to other vinyl window films, one-way window graphics are only printed on one side. However, the film is perforated with tiny holes that trick the human eye into believing it is a large solid image, but staff, customers, and clients inside have unobstructed views to the outside.

The human eye follows the laws of physics and optics, noticing brighter colours more than darker colours. When perforated window film is printed and installed on a window, the graphics are made up of various colours printed on the white vinyl side of the film while the holes (where there is no film and no ink) are generally darker. When a person looks at the printed image from the outside of the window, they will see the graphics clearly, as the printed colours will draw the focus and attention of the eye. To many, it may even appear as though the image has been printed on a solid piece of vinyl.

As the film is black on the reverse, when viewed from inside the human eye will ignore darker colour and focus on the bright light shining through the perforations. This is because the light shining through the holes carries the image of the outside world. 

Where Can I Use One-Way Window Films?

See-through window graphics can be used on any window or glass surface including retail or business windows, bus shelters, and vehicle windows. It is important to note, that window film materials differ between applications. For windows in buildings such as shops and offices and other flat glass surfaces, the hole size and perforation may be smaller than those required for vehicle window signage. Before installing any vehicle window signage, always check that it is legally complaint.

The Benefits

Not only is window film extremely noticeable even from a distance, but it also offers a vast array of incredible benefits.

  • Make use of an under-utilised media space without blocking the view.
  • Endless creative possibilities – graphics can have a continued flow from panels to windows and windscreens.
  • Maximise your advertising advantage by dominating the landscape.
  • Increase privacy by reducing the ability of people to see inside.
  • Reduce glare from the sun.
  • Protect your interior from fading and sun damage.
  • Save money on cooling costs – less heat is transmitted through the windows, reducing reliance on expensive cooling systems.

When planning your marketing and advertising strategy, it is vital to come up with innovative and effective solutions that are also budget friendly. A shop, office, or vehicle window is a blank canvas that you can optimise in numerous ways to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. High-quality, one-way window film is one easy way that will attract attention, maximise marketing, and significantly improve brand awareness.

The Experienced Signwriters Melbourne Businesses Rely On

From lightboxes to vinyl banners, window frosting and car wrap, Melbourne businesses have been relying on Ausign for high quality signage solutions for over 40 years. Our perforated window film is affordable, highly durable, and can be custom made to any size to suit your requirements. Our experienced team can handle the whole process from design to installation, ensuring a high-quality, professional finish that will reflect your brand and message perfectly. Speak to us today to find out more.