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The colour you choose for your business’ brand can affect how well your image and reputation is perceived by the public and by your customers.

According to recent studies, each colour conjures up a different emotion for the observer. This can have a negative effect on your business if the colour of your brand or its signage, such as advertorial signage, is a colour that might repel otherwise interested customers.

Discover Your Aim

Since companies all over the world invest vast amounts of money in devising the best methods to acquire optimal sales, it’s little wonder why not all businesses are utilising the art and technique of good advertising through colour.

Even Dr Karin Stokes, sociologist and psychiatric nurse, recently told ABC Gippsland Breakfast that “colour is all about perception”.

Ausign understands the effect colour has on the psychology of human beings, which is why we advise you to examine your colour selections.

Analyse The Colours

Before we look at your brand specifically, let’s take a quick look at what most psychologists have determined about each colour and what it evokes.

  • Red –          passionate, important, aggressive
  • Orange –     playful, fun, energetic
  • Yellow –      happy, friendly
  • Green –       stable, natural, sustainable
  • Blue –          trustworthy, inviting, calm
  • Pink –           young, feminine, innocent
  • Purple –       luxurious, romantic, intriguing
  • Black & White – Combined, produces professional feel.

Consider Your Brand

  1. Now, with these colours in mind and the general emotive responses your potential customers will feel, take a moment to consider your brand and the message you want to convey to the public.
  2. If your brand’s market is for young, teenage girls, perhaps the best colour might be pink. Or if you consider McDonald’s, you can perhaps understand why yellow is the best choice since it suggests friendliness and fun; incidentally, McDonald’s has achieved great success through their branding.
  3. However, combining colours can also have powerful effects on the public. It is important to combine the colours that best reflect what message you want to bring across. Ask yourself, “What would prompt my customers most to make a purchase?” Could an inviting blue encourage and push them over the sales threshold?
  4. After considering everything, take your thoughts and ideas to Ausign and let the professionals help you design and produce signage that will have a powerful and positive impact for your business.

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