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When it comes to advertising your business there is no more effective method than using outdoor signage. In the varied range of outdoor signage types the lightbox offers distinct advantages. In addition to the standard benefits every business sign needs to answer to, this includes portraying brand image, attracting new customers and encouraging impulse sales, lightbox installations offer further plusses to a business brand.

How making the lightbox sign your hero of outdoor advertising benefits your business:

  1. Create extensive consumer awareness near point of purchase location.
  2. Seeing that outdoor advertising is live 24 hours a day, a lightbox sign will prolong the life of your initial advertising investment and raise your return on investment. Illuminated signs will continue to promote your brand at night and in rainy weather.
  3. A lightbox sign compels attention and can contribute to a big brand ‘feel’.
  4. Becomes a focal talking point for your business brand and helps your customers find you.
  5. Ease your carbon footprint. Composite materials can be recycled and LED bulbs used for lower energy costs.
  6. Eye-catching signs keep your business top of mind especially to those customers who see them regularly.
  7. Your customer-base may come and go but your installed lightbox remains in place to remind old and new customers where you are. Research indicates that at least 85% of a local business’ customer base resides within a convenient distance to its location (a radius of 8km).

If you are looking for a new way to advertise and attract attention for your brand, consider installing a lightbox sign. Ausign specialises in lighbox design and installation. Our talented team of designers and technicians can custom create business signage to your specifications and needs. We have been providing a first rate service to Melbourne businesses for more than 30 years.