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There are two weighty considerations when choosing a shop sign for your Melbourne business: quality and budget-friendly options. Knowing the right questions to ask a business signage service provider will help you meet both criteria.  Compiling a list of questions based on your requirements for a shop sign before your visit to Ausign will help you to choose the right type of signage for your business. We have provided a list of questions we wish every client would ask. Questions to ask a business signage company when choosing a shop sign for your business:

  1. What are the local zoning regulations for my preferred shop sign?

Certain types of frontage signs such as portable and illuminated signs require a special permit before installation. If a permit is required will the signage company put forward an application on your behalf?

  1. Do you offer a design service as part of your services?

A full service signage business should include the design of shop signs. This is a critical aspect of successful branding and requires a certain degree of professionalism. After all, if they don’t, you’re going to have to get your sign designed by someone else, driving up the cost and frustration.

  1. What maintenance and cleaning is required for my shop sign options?

This is not often the first thought-of question business owners think of asking yet it is not just good enough to have an advertising display, its composite materials should also be easily maintained and quickly cleaned if needs arise. A reputable signage company should offer these services.

  1. Do you provide installation services and is this charged at an additional fee?

From awning signs to custom metal lettering installation and related support structures, these are all important considerations you should be thinking about during your decision making process. Shopping for a shop sign for your business needn’t be a hassle if you know what your exact requirements are and what services you need from a signage company. At Ausign we have been providing business owners in Melbourne with a diverse range of high quality business signage that are visually appealing and at an affordable price.