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Anyone who has ever opened their own retail space for business will know just how much blood, sweat, and tears you have to put into it. You spend hours picking out the right colours and style of furniture, paint and décor. You also invest in creating branding elements so that visitors can immediately identify your logo which makes retail space always look bright, colourful, and inviting.The last thing you want to have to do, is to replace any of the above elements due to UV damage, which is why you should invest in window frosting for your retail space.

You might not know it, but everything from your carpet to your interior paint can be faded by the sunlight streaming in through your glass doors or windows. Large glass windows are common in retail spaces, as it allows businesses to display and advertise their products. Plus, no customer wants to enter a dull and gloomy looking store, and glass keeps the interiors bright.

Over time, the constant contact of UV radiation with fabrics and materials can bleach their colour, making them brittle and even causing them to crack. The intensity of this reaction will depend on various factors, and can happen faster or slower according to changes in humidity and the environment. It’s estimated that at least 40% of wear and tear can be attributed to the sun. Worst of all, this damage can occur even when it’s cloudy.

We don’t even need to mention what the negative impact of unfiltered sunlight can have on humans, which means your employees are also vulnerable to spending hours exposed to damaging UV rays.

So what is the best solution?

It’s apparent that if you want your retail space to look good for years to come, that you need to protect its interior in a way that doesn’t completely black out the light, and window frosting is the perfect way you can do this. It’s affordable, long lasting, and attractive, and with one call to Ausign you could be enjoying quality window frosting sooner than you think

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