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Lightbox signage is a genius way to help make your brand stand out. They work by using light to essentially illuminate your business signs. This modern signage option comes with some great benefits. To help you see what you can get out of lightboxes, here are four ways you can use them for your business:

Outdoor advertising (even at night)

The most significant benefit of lightboxes is that they provide a tremendous outdoor advertising option. You can use them to advertise your business and ensure you’re most definitely seen by everyone. They attract attention due to their bright nature, and this also means you can advertise at night. People will notice bright things when it’s dark so you can gain a lot of attention even when your business is closed.

Make your business stand out

Another way you can use lightbox signage is to make your company stand out from the crowd. If you’re on a busy street filled with other businesses, nothing works as well as a bright sign. It singles you out as a creative business, and people will focus on yours rather than the signs around it. This type of business sign is unique, so it will undoubtedly help you stand out, especially when you leave it on at night

Generate social interest

There are two ways you can use lightboxes to generate social interest. The first is easy; use this signage to display your social media addresses. It will make them stand out, increasing the chances of people following you online. Secondly, you can create really amazing and unique lightbox designs that make people stop and stare. As a result, you could get people taking photos of your designs and talking about them online. This means more exposure for your business!

Promote specific things

The glorious thing about lightboxes is that you’re not forced to stick with the same message forever. It’s so easy to change what you display, which allows you to use them to promote specific things. You could display offers that are on during a certain period, you could promote certain products or events, and so on. The customisable nature of lightboxes means you can help direct more traffic to your premises by displaying your most popular promotions. It also lets you adapt to certain seasons as well like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, helping improve the way your business is presented to the customer.

These four examples just scratch the surface of what’s possible with lightbox signage. If you want to take advantage of the additional exposure they bring, then contact us today. Ausign can provide high-quality lightboxes in Melbourne that can be made to your requirements.