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They have been known to offer great visual appeal and a great option for sustainable business branding. Some have also labelled them seductive. No matter where your opinion lies in the spectrum of the value light box signage offers Melbourne-based businesses, there is no ignoring the multitude of benefits of choosing this option in advertising. Whether your goal is to welcome more visitors into your shop or raise the visibility of your business brand,

While there has been a lot of focus on digital marketing recently with many thinking older forms of advertising fall into its shadow, this statistic proves that outdoor advertising continues to be a strong focal point for Australian businesses: Australian Outdoor advertising in 2016 improved by a rate of 8.9% and achieved ad revenue to the total of AU$716 million.

Gain brand exposure and increase in sales at a competitive price

Light box signs offer the enviable advantage over most other forms of brand advertising by achieving the most exposure at a cost effective price tag. Illuminated displays attract far more desired attention corresponding with desired customer behaviour.

Versatile advertising application tool

Light box display signs continue to be a firm favourite with businesses thanks to the many versatile applications these are suitable for, from outdoor advertising for business premises to promotional displays at trade shows to airport signage and train station notice boards.

As illuminated window front displays, light boxes maximize on visibility. Double-sided designs displayed in windows serve the dual purpose of advertising to passers-by outside as well as to customers within the shop. Then there are freestanding designs that work advantageously in large-sized areas to bring closer attention to a business’s promotional message.

Features of light box displays key to their attractiveness as effective advertising tool

The main features of light box display signs – tailor-made designs, energy efficiency, extended reach and simple updating of slides.

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