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As someone who runs a business and manages employees, you will understand all too well that keeping a workforce on-track and productive is a full-time job. There are so many things that serve as a distraction – air conditioning, Facebook, and even too much time spent around the water cooler gossiping about the boss. Make sure that your employees can’t add “distractions” and “a lack of privacy” to that list of factors by putting up some frosted glass in your office.

Right off the bat, you’re thinking “I like the idea of making my office more private, but I’ve already got clear glass surfaces all over, I’m not paying to replace them now”. Well the good news is that frosted glass is the perfect solution to increase privacy at an amazingly affordable rate.

The glass frosting process involves simply adding a frosted layer to your already existing thin glass. This lets employees feel like they are part of the work space, but without the open-plan layout that might cause distractions that hamper concentration.

Another benefit to frosted glass is it allows for good, healthy lighting in the workplace, something considered an occupational health and safety issue by many Australian workplaces. Those of us who have worked in basements or windowless rooms will understand how jarring it can be to not have natural light to mark the passage of time for us. You may have heard of this strategy being employed by casinos to disorient gamblers and encourage them to forget about time – not a good thing when you want a well-rested, productive and happy workforce. This is why many workforces, probably including yours, already use glass in the workplace to demarcate areas and even replace certain walls.

Once your glass is frosted, it’s business as usual. You will find that a frosted glass surface is easier to clean and doesn’t require the constant polishing a glass surface does as it shows up dirt and smudges less easily. It can be used as a partition between offices and boardrooms, allowing for a unified feel that still provides privacy. Window frosting also protects your employees from being too exposed to street traffic and passers-by.

The best part about frosted glass is that all you need to do to get it is to partner with a glass frosting expert such as Ausign. Contact them today and you will be enjoying your optimised workplace in no time!