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One of the many benefits of living in Australia is the ability to enjoy the fantastic weather we get almost all year around. With this weather comes great light – something buildings and residences all over Melbourne benefit from. Homeowners living anywhere from Kew to Hawthorn can build their homes around this light especially by making use of frosted glass.

Frosted windows allow homeowners to enjoy the privacy of a private walled-off home but with glass walls and windows it means constant access to it all. Australian businesses however struggle to do this, as they need to be open to the public at all times as well as be easily accessible and identifiable.

Bright light is very important for businesses. Not only is it attractive but it also affects productivity, with research showing that poor lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches, unhappy moods, poor concentration, absenteeism, job dissatisfaction and low productivity for workers and clients alike. Studies also show that the best kind of light is natural, which can’t be reproduced with artificial light sources. There are solutions for getting the best from natural light without compromising on privacy in a business setting.

Businesses all over Australia are installing window frosting, frosted glass sliding doors and panels in their storefronts and offices. An advantage of frosted glass is that it allows brightness and light at the same time as it creates privacy. It also allows spaces to be partitioned off without having to install a full wall. This is especially helpful as many businesses share office spaces with other companies. In addition, window frosting acts as a gentle filter for the heat and glare that accompanies strong natural sunlight – something your customers and employees are sure to appreciate in those hot summer months!

Your cleaning staff is also going to appreciate the appearance of frosted glass. Unlike a clear glass surface which immediately shows up every smudge, fingerprint and splash, opaque surfaces such as frosted glass are much more forgiving, and only require a quick wipe every other day to look as good as new. Businesses in Port Melbourne, Kew, Hawthorn, Northcote, Brunswick and Richmond have installed frosted window glass and they’re not looking back.

Ausign offers companies an affordable and quality frosted glass solution for the workplace. If you are an Australian business struggling to optimise your light without window frosting and are worried about the cost of frosted glass, consider contacting Ausign Signage for a cost effective and attractive solution.