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Not all signs are equal. You need to consider several things before hoisting your signage above or outside your shop. Also, bear in mind that the type of signage you use depends greatly on the type of business you own.

For example, if your business makes most of its money and draws most of its clientele during the night, then neon lighting may be your best solution, since it is the most attractive signage in the dark. Daytime businesses, on the other hand, require other forms of signage to draw in passers-by and potential customers.

Here’s how to make the most of your signage to get the best ROI for your business:

  • Visibility

Before you put your sign up, consider its position. Will it be visible from a distance? Can people read what is written on the sign or is it too busy with colours and other attributes? We suggest keeping it clear and even simple, so that potential customers can actually read what your sign says.

  • Creativity

Most signs you see around Melbourne have that typical look. The more you see the more you “don’t see”, right? So what’s the solution? It’s simple: be creative. Show a unique feature about your business and translate that onto your sign. You may need professional help with this, but it will be worth it.

  • Information

Many shop owners forget to include important info, such as their contact details. When your shop is closed, for example, you would want potential customers to have enough information such as an address or opening times so that they know when to come in and purchase from you.

  • Quality

Simple signs with a white background and black writing is boring, let’s be honest. Besides that, they are easily prone to being chipped off at the edges, and in winter, likely to be blown away. Consider spending a bit more for quality signs. This will also promote your business and tell your customers that your business is successful and proud of its products or services. Invest in your signs for a greater ROI.

  • Size

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. It really depends on your business, as well as your budget. If you’re a small shop owner, you don’t necessarily need huge neon-displayed lighting signage larger than your window. Smaller signs may work just as well, provided they are unique and good quality. However, big signs for certain businesses can also draw in bigger crowds because of their visibility. 

One of the leading and key elements to help you gain the most out of your signage is by being original and having a unique sign.

Want to get started or improve your shop signs today? Feel free to get in touch with us anytime!