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Congratulations on starting your new business and officially setting up an office or retail location. Before you open your doors and wait for customers to stream in, have you thought about how easy it is for them to find you?

Many businesses invest in a website, newspaper adverts and flyers to alert potential customers to their existence, but customers still need to be able to actually find you. The simplest way to do this is to invest in signage. Not only will great signage help interested customers locate your storefront, but it will also attract foot traffic from people who happen to pass by.

There are a number of signage options for businesses to choose from. Here we highlight several scenarios – which one would suit business best?

My business is open 24/7 – if you operate a takeaway joint or 24-hour laundromat, illuminated signage will ensure that your customers can easily locate your store at night or while driving by.

I need affordable, illuminated signage – If your business needs to advertise its presence at night and in any weather, choose LED lighting. It uses less energy, which makes it affordable and environmentally friendly.

I want to make an impactTo announce the presence of your business in a dramatic way, go with 3D lettering. You can customise it and create 3D letters and logos that are made out of polystyrene and acrylics, or even wood or metal.

I need signage that offers me options as I growif you’re planning on moving to different premises as your business grows, choose a colour banner. It’s portable and can be used as outdoor signage, a billboard or building mount, or even indoors should you move into a shopping centre.

I need signage to announce something specific want to advertise your launch or a special promotion? A-frames can be placed inside your store or on the street and are affordable and quick to make.

I offer a delivery service to neighbouring areas – The best way to get far-flung customers to know about your product or service delivery is to brand a car or van with vehicle signage, so it’s on the road and being exposed to thousands of people every day.

Whether you need just one of the signage options above or several of them combined, Ausign can assist your business with making its presence known. Contact us today to get started.