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We’ve all seen those moving billboards – wrapped vehicles driving by that demand the lion’s share of visual attention of commuters sitting in traffic. Vehicle wrapping has become a highly popular option for large businesses as well as the individual self-employed Melbourne-based tradie. It is estimated that a single vehicle wrap can create between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions on a daily basis.

Advancements in techniques and materials used in vehicle signage has opened up a world of exciting advertising opportunities for businesses looking for unique new ways to gain maximum exposure for their brands. The impact of a branded vehicle is far more effective than that of a stationary advertisement board.

Why wrap it up?

Vehicle wrapping offers distinct advantages for businesses wanting to promote themselves. Here are just a few to consider:

Cost effective advertising tool

One of these benefits is that vehicle wrapping comes with a lower price tag than painting making it an ideal option for businesses with limited marketing budgets who want to reach a wider audience. If you wrap vehicles only to advertise a limited-time promotion offer, the vinyl can be easily and safely removed once the campaign ends.

Wide reach puts your business on the map

Your wrapped vehicle will be seen by hundreds of other motorists and countless pedestrians who won’t be able to ignore the colourful and well-designed graphics that helps your business vehicle stand out from the crowd.

While many may appreciate the mosaic of colour and design, often it is the stunning job performed by installation technicians that receive the least mention. Yet, without their professional expertise wrapping a vehicle can be a challenging task to pull off with a great margin for error.

Thinking of adding digital wraps or custom decals to brand your business vehicle? Ausign in Melbourne offers top class services in a full range of well-designed vehicle branding services from full vehicle wrapping to branding stickers on doors. Our experience and expertise in these areas can provide you with advice on what solution will work best for your business needs. Planning on promoting your business with car graphics? Give us a call first.