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No children’s party is complete without a birthday banner to celebrate the special guest of honour as well as welcoming guests to the fun event. Choose the type of banner you like and customize it to the colours or theme of your party. Banners can be hung on the front of dessert tables, over a door or windows, above the present table, in an entryway or over stairs just be sure to place it somewhere that everyone can see and enjoy! Are you organising a birthday party for your child? Here’s some tips to ensure you create a banner that will add to the party atmosphere and make your child feel incredibly special.

Tie it into the Theme of the Party

Whether your little one is into unicorns, mermaids, superheroes or sports stars, the banner is one of the first things guests will see as they arrive, it sets the scene for the party so it needs to match the theme. If there’s no specific theme for the party, then choose colours that will tie in with the rest of the party décor. For a girlie party go for bright pinks or pastels hues, for a disco feel choose pops of colour mixed with metallic hues, for a banner you can re-use keep it simple in black and white.

Include photos

A great way to make a feature piece that guests will admire is to include photos of the guest of honour. For a first birthday you could include photos from birth up to one year, for an older birthday you could have a mix of images from younger years, milestone events, school or sporting achievements and photos with family and friends. Creating a banner full of images is a special piece the birthday girl or boy can hold on to for years to come.

Add a Special Message

Whilst most banners simply say “Happy Birthday” why not be a bit more creative and add a special message or welcome guests to the event. You could even use a phrase the birthday boy or girl often says or include a nickname they are commonly known by to make it more personal and fun. Even better, try to tie the message into the theme of the party or use a quote from a favourite movie or television show.

Make Sure the Size is Right

To ensure you get the size of the banner right, have a firm idea of where you will place the banner. Will it be over a fireplace, above a doorway or hung over a gift table? Measure the space and then work out the dimensions of the banner which will fit best, the last thing you want is a banner that has to go in a place where no one will see because it is the wrong size!

Consider the Material

If your party is outdoors and the banner may be subject to the elements, then a simple paper banner may not be the best option. Similarly, if you need the banner to stick to a marquee or window, then consider a banner which comes with some form of adhesive. If you are unsure of the material you will need for your banner, consult with a professional signage company and they will help select which will be best for you.

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