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Advertising signage can take many forms, and one that is becoming more popular is the vehicle wrap. At Ausign, we find that businesses are used to advertising with street signs, neon signs, yard signs, LED signs, metal signs and even window graphics, but are less trusting of the effectiveness of an advert on a car. There is a perception that people don’t notice adverts on cars, and that car wraps are too expensive to be of use to the average business owner. We’re here to tell you that car wrapping does work as an advertising medium and that it can add a definite boost to your business.

While billboard banners have been around for hundreds of years, cars have not. The idea of using car graphics as a form of advertising is a relatively new one, which could explain why so many people are unfamiliar with its proven potential. As budgets have grown over time, so has the technology we have at our disposal that we use to measure the efficacy of this advertising. A common metric used is impressions – or in the case of car wraps, views.

The facts speak for themselves when it comes to ROI and whether or not people take note of vehicle graphics. Research shows that a simple vinyl car wrap can provide about eight and a half million impressions per year at a price that is cheaper per thousand than billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. One out of every eight Australians works in the CBD, and the average length of a trip to work for them is 18km. This amounts to thousands of potential customers who will come into contact with at least one car sign in their daily commute.

In addition to being one of the cheapest and most efficient forms of outdoor advertising, you can also ‘own’ your advertising if you have your own vehicle (or fleet of vehicles). This is an excellent alternative to renting space on a medium that is owned by someone else, as most businesses are forced to do with street poles and billboards. And the best part is that there is no real limit to what you can place on your car sign – everything from subtle vinyl lettering to a 3-metre large vehicle wrap is possible.

If you are looking for a novel and cost effective way to increase your brand awareness and to get people talking, we recommend contacting us to give vehicle signage advertising a try!