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Your branding is the single most important aspect of your marketing. It the first impression customers will have of you, which is why it’s crucial to stand out from the get-go.

This article is all about giving you the best tips to consider before you hire a designer or attempt creating your brand design yourself. These tips are constructed with the purpose of “optimising advertising” and not merely what a designer might consider “aesthetic”.

Top tips for your branding:

  • Less is much, much more

A big mistake so many businesses make is that they want to throw as much information on their branding as possible. The reason for this is somewhat understandable: they have a great zeal for their products or services, and they just want everyone to know what they can do. The problem is, nobody will bother reading the many phrases and terms about your company.

We suggest you keep it simple. Don’t be afraid of blank space. Allow the brand itself to speak to the customers. Choose an appropriate “overriding” phrase that encapsulates exactly what your brand offers, even if it isn’t necessarily your slogan or tagline.

  • Many colours are perfect…for a rainbow

Most companies believe, for some reason, that colours (and many of them) will somehow attract the masses. No. That’s not how it works. Only rainbows have this attraction.

We suggest you keep your colour scheme as close to the brand image and service or product offering as possible. A good designer can help you find what colours work well together. If your brand does not yet have a colour scheme, it is best to consider who your customers are. If they are teenagers, then this should tell you to design the colours with more bright, flashy and metallic styles. However, if your customer base is above an older or more mature age-bracket, then simpler, easier-on-the-eye colours are safer. 

  • Be true to your brand

No matter how tempted you may be to introduce wild or outlandish images to your business branding, you must really consider long and hard about the impact such radical introductions will have on your perception to the public.

We strongly urge businesses to refer to the voice and the nature of their brand before they end up creating something that reflects nothing of the identity that you initially intended the brand to represent. Be true. That’s it.

  • Understand your customers

It is more important to understand your customers and who they are before you ever attempt to call any branding or signage company. Ask yourself, your business partners, these questions:

  • “Who are your customers?”
  • “Where do they live?”
  • “Are they old or young?”
  • “Are they wealthy, middle-class or just the average person?”
  • “Are they mostly male or female?”

By answering these questions, and several others, you will be far better equipped to advise the branding designer or signage company. You’ll end up with the right business branding that speaks to your customers.

  • Be unique and bold, but always classic

You may have heard that orange is the new black—or is it, black is the new pink…well, we can’t remember. Wonder why? It’s simple: it keeps on changing. What’s in today is out next season. Fads. That’s all they are.
But when it comes to your business, you aren’t interested in fads. You’re interested in creating a branding for your business that works and can be recognised from one generation to the next.

That’s why, for this reason, we strongly advise you to tell your designers to help you create a timeless design. They simply work best. Classic, classy – unforgettable.

Taking these top branding tips for your business in mind, consider hiring professional branding and signage companies who have the highest reputations. There have been many horror stories about companies who want quick, cheap designs, but unfortunately, end up only ruining their branding opportunities in the long run.

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