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As an Australian business owner, you will no doubt want to take every possible action to safeguard your property. Along with alarms and CCTV, installing other physical security products can help perform the primary physical barrier function of deterring opportunistic smash and grab theft. If you’re thinking large clunky intimidating locks and deadbolts then you may be overthinking it. There is another effective physical security solution to consider – protective window film.

Why do windows need added protection features?

Windows are perhaps more vulnerable to a break-in than doors behind gates with unprotected glass being so easy to destroy and break through. Protective window film holds the integrity of glass walls in place even when attempts to gain entry have been made and they lower the destructive damage that theft attempts can have on a property.

Benefits of protective window film for businesses:

The main benefit is that protective film offers a better level of security against break-ins, vandalism and looting.

If you consider that the majority of burglary attempts are made at night-time – the time of day when thieves feel getting away with theft is more likely – untinted shop windows allow thieves to get a good look into a shop and see what type of merchandise they can grab. Dark window tints make seeing within that much more difficult and lessen the chances of a burglary attempt.

Break-ins and vandalism can have a detrimental impact on your business. Not only have you lost valuable merchandise but you also have to pay for repairing the damage and replacing broken locks, doors and windows. Reinforcing your shopfront with protective window tinting can make all the difference.

You can also protect your business by adopting safety and security measures that also include installing adequate lighting in the interior and exterior of your shop. Dead bolts and pin-tumbler cylinder locks are better choices to make break-ins that much more challenging for thieves.

Why leave your Australian business premises vulnerable to vandalism or opportunistic break-ins when you can add protective window film as an effective security barrier.