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If you’re a store owner, then you’re probably familiar with lightbox signage. In fact, you might already use it to advertise your storefront or signage to passing customers. Did you know that there’s another way that you can use lightbox signage in your retail space? It’s something that even your competitors haven’t thought of, and we guarantee that it will be eye catching, and entice any passing customers to take a look inside. It’s simple, use your lightbox signage inside your store!

Using lightbox signage indoors is an innovative way to draw attention to a window and or retail point of purchase display, or menu board. It can even be used to create a display for screen advertising that can be changed on a whim. You could cycle through multiple images and adverts according to the time of day, all centrally controllable by computer and easy to update through a cable, USB flash drive or even over a wireless connection! You don’t even have to worry about it getting burnt out, as each lightbox sign has a built-in protection system that prevents it from overheating and burning out from the intensity of the lighting mechanism. A single indoor lightbox display doesn’t take up much space and is both thin and lightweight, allowing it to be mounted on a wall or flat surface.

Imagine being able to create an attractive and bright storefront and interior, even on cloudy or rainy days. In the mornings you could draw attention to specials or items aimed at your early bird shoppers and change this communication as the day progresses. If you unexpectedly run out of an item or have an announcement to make, you can let customers and visitors know in a way that will grab their attention from the second they enter your store, which is by far more cost-effective than printing dozens of flyers or posters.

Your imagination is the only limit to the uses of indoor lightboxes Melbourne. So if you have an idea, contact Ausign today, and we’ll make it happen.

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