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“Getting it out there” is not to be taken figuratively only, especially when you’re thinking about signage. The whole point of having signage is for people to see, out in the open. Think of a busy Melbourne street during peak hour… don’t you want to be seen?

Even Forbes agrees about the importance of outdoor signage. Their study proved that outdoor signage is significant for your marketing. An amazing 24% of the people in the case study said they immediately visited a business because of an outdoor signage ad.

Here are your TOP THREE benefits of outdoor signage:

  1. It’s cost-effective

When compared with other forms of advertising,it doesn’t have strict time slots or restrictions in which to place your adverts. Television offers only a generous 30 seconds of airtime, for example. When it comes to utilising the benefits outdoor signage can offer, the cost-effectiveness of this strategy means your ads can be displayed 24-hours a day for everyone to see.

  1. Easily promote key information

The cost for online and social media advertising and brand awareness through such media are costly and difficult to manage. One excellently-made outdoor sign with your company name, logo and a catchy phrase, along with your contact details, might be all you need to attract the clientele you’ve been waiting to enter your doors.

  1. It’s versatile

Working hard to put an advertising campaign together not only costs a lot, but it involves hours of planning and, when it comes to execution, it comes with many hiccups as any honest advertiser will tell you. But when using outdoor signage, it doesn’t take much to change it if you feel it’s not bringing in the masses as you had expected. Its versatility, even with design, such as including 3D displays and an array of materials, is highly beneficial when it comes to bringing about awareness of your business and what it offers.

When used to its full potential, outdoor signage is a great way to help direct potential customers to your place of business. To make optimal use of outdoor signage, it is best to employ professional signage and design specialists, such as Australia’s reputable signage company, Ausign. Get in touch today!

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