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Electric Sign Vs Lightbox – What is the Difference?

When choosing business signage, you have probably heard the terms electric signage and light boxes, and you may be wondering if they are the same thing? After all, ‘Electric sign’ traditionally refers to any sign that is powered. So, what is the difference between an electric sign and a lightbox?

Why Sign Installation Should Only Be Handled by Professionals

If you have invested the time and money to have impactful signage designed and created, you might be thinking about installing it yourself, after all, it doesn’t look that hard does it? The truth is, signage installation is just as, if not more, important to get right than the design itself. Poorly installed signage not...
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How to Transform Signage from Good to Great

Having the right signage for your business is vital to its performance and success. Not only is signage the first visual connection between your business and potential customers, it helps people find your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and helps to convey professionalism. No matter what the type of signage - static...
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Provide Privacy to Your Business with Window Film

Window film is the ultimate, affordable solution to blocking out prying eyes or an unsightly view, without compromising the flow of natural light. As well as providing privacy, window film boasts a range of other benefits including the reduction of solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation. This can help offices, public buildings and houses...
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