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2023 is fast approaching! If you are planning to grow your business in the new year, there’s a few hot branding trends that you will help you do just that. At Ausign, we design, manufacture, and install a wide range of high-quality signage solutions that are fundamental components of a highly effective marketing strategy. Read on for four branding trends that you should focus on over the next year and beyond to help your business thrive.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a way of engaging your customers via live interaction. This type of marketing allows you to create emotional connections with people by immersing your audience in your product or service. These emotional connections will help you to win new customers, keep current ones, and create loyal, long-term brand ambassadors. Experiential marketing plays on multiple senses, not just visual stimulation, to create an emotionally resonant experience.

Emotion drives consumer choice, evoke it with creative visuals using a mix of digital signage, light boxes, wall prints, in conjunction with bespoke interactive experiences.


A marketing strategy that involves changing a company’s image by developing a new name, symbol, logo, and related visual assets such as marketing materials, the goal of rebranding is to create a new and differentiated brand identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, employees, and the general public. In post-pandemic times, many businesses are finding that their brand identity is undermining their efforts to grow. Rebranding can help a business that is struggling to modernise, differentiate themselves from their competition or escape a bland reputation. If you want to breathe new life into your brand with a contemporary new rebrand, we can help with all the updated signage you need including outdoor banners, shopfronts, digital printing, car wrap and more.

Maximizing Brand Real Estate

From building trust with potential clients to helping you attract more leads good branding is a key element of business success and growth. To really get your brand out there, it’s important to optimise your “brand real estate” – this is any surface you own, horizontal, vertical, or otherwise. These surfaces are a canvas for creativity! If you have a loads of windows, utilise branded window frosting. Lots of white walls? Transform them into large promotional areas with digital printing or vinyl cut lettering. A company vehicle? Use a professional car wrap to create a moving billboard.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Forward-thinking businesses recognise that successfully navigating 2023 and beyond will require new marketing strategies, and one such strategy is brand partnerships and collaborations that may not have been considered previously. This could mean several brands venturing into brand licensing as a way to launch new product categories, this can help to overcome the recent economic downturn and also amplify brand loyalty and trust among consumers. When done right, brand partnerships and brand licensing can prove to be a really strong part of any brand’s arsenal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many challenges for businesses, with many struggling to survive over the last two years. Now, as we approach 2023, it is critical for businesses of all sizes and types to reconsider their branding and marketing strategies so they can stay relevant and cope with the changes in consumer behaviour.

Ausign is here to help with innovative signage for businesses throughout Melbourne. If you re-considering your branding strategy or need help boosting your brand identity, get in touch with us today.