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Roadside signage can be a valuable marketing tool and if done correctly, can really set your business apart from your competitors. Having the right image to draw people’s attention to your light boxes, shop signs or other digital signage as they drive by is only half the battle, the information you’re sharing needs to be clear and concise or else you won’t see much return for your investment. For eye-catching and effective signs, Melbourne businesses have trusted Ausign for over 40 years. We understand what it takes to make great signage, so read on for a few of our helpful to tips.

Focus On the Font

Choosing the right font can make or break your Melbourne signage. There are a number of things to consider about the font:

  • Style – Typically, the best fonts to use for outdoor signage are sans serif fonts (Arial, Calibri, Futura, Helvetica, Tahoma, and Verdana to name a few). Script, brush-style, or fancy fonts should be avoided as these can create visual clutter and be hard to read.
  • Lower or Upper Case – Combining upper- and lower-case letters can actually increase visibility, so can the careful use of bold.
  • Spacing and Alignment – Keep it even. Crowding letters or words together can make the message hard to understand, and make the sign look uneven and out of balance
  • Colours and Contrast – Always be sure to choose colours that stand out and are easy to read. Contrasting with the background can really make the text pop.

Size Matters

Your content must be clearly visible from a variety of angles and distances. This means it’s not only important that the dimensions of your signs are appropriate, but the font size is too. To help determine how big your letters should be, you should consider how fast someone will be travelling past your roadside signage. The faster a person is passing by, the larger the letters need to be. If the speed limit is 60km/per hour, the message should be visible for three seconds by passing drivers. On a digital sign, you need to think about the number of pixels and pixel pitch. Getting the size right can be a complicated game, an experienced signage company, such as Ausign, will be able to design your signage to the perfect dimensions and recommend the best font size to create impressive signs that will best convey your message to your target audience.

Other Tips for Great Roadside Signage

  • Consider the lighting conditions – You may need to simplify the message and increase the font size and contrast if your sign experiences sun glare at certain times of day.
  • Sign surroundings – Buildings, trees, other signs, and even the sky all add to the background of your message, so you need to be sure your sign stands out amongst its surroundings.
  • Effective placement – Place your signs where your target audience will see them, just make sure you are following the local guidelines regarding signage. You can opt for a place outside the entrance of a shopping centre or a at major intersection.
  • High-quality graphics – Always use high-resolution vector graphics so it will not be blurry or fuzzy.

Roadside signage is a great way to grab people’s attention and get them to take notice of your brand. To stand out from the crowd and make an impact, Ausign is the leading choice for Melbourne signage. We can help with light boxes, car wrapping, vinyl banners, sign panels and more. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote online or, by calling ((03) 9419 0970.