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Signage is everywhere – from shopping centres to sports stadiums, office buildings to car parks, everywhere you turn you will notice lightboxes, car wrapping, banners, vehicle signage, sign panels and many other forms of eye-catching signage. As experienced Melbourne signwriters, the team at Ausign has helped thousands of businesses with a wide range of innovative signage solutions for over 40 years. To ensure your signs give you the best return on investment, it’s important your design is based around the 4 main functions of signage. Read on to find out more.

Identification – Making People Aware of Your Existence

The primary function of most signage is to identify the location of an establishment. A well-designed sign should clearly announce the presence of your business, and let a customer know that they are in the right place. To be effective, the signage must be clearly visible from the street and recognized from far enough away to allow motorists time to slow down and make a safe turn.

Advertising & Marketing – Enticing a Customer Inside and to Make a Purchase

A properly designed sign is a powerful advertising tool that helps a business build awareness, define their service offering or products and the benefits of doing business with that particular business. Effective sign design should incorporate a readable font style, as well as appropriate colours, size and shape. All of this helps to create a positive impression, entice consumers to enter and either prompt them to make an intended or impulse purchase.

Directions – Providing Information to Lead Consumers to or Around Your Business

Another key function of a sign is to give directions to your location, or a specific location within your business. Information should be well-placed and easy to understand to help direct customers from the street to your business in the safest, most convenient way possible. If your business is located in a hard to find location, or is difficult to see from the street, a directional sign seamlessly guides customers to your business and makes others aware that you are there.

Brand Awareness – Reinforcing Your Brand and Building Trust

Effective signage should reinforce your brand to customers, resulting in them being able to recognize it in other settings. The greater the recognition your brand has, the easier it is for it to affect perceptions and attitudes. This can encourage customers to feel connected to your brand, resulting in loyal customers who will make repeat purchases, giving you a greater market share.

Signage is a cost-effective and versatile tool that can serve a vast array of purposes. Serving as a visual solution to numerous business matters such as wayfinding, sales, brand recognition, and competitive advantage, it is essential to make sure your signage is carefully considered to achieve maximum results.

For High Impact Shop Signs, Melbourne Businesses Turn to Ausign

Since 1976, Ausign has been designing, creating and installing an extensive range of signage to help Melbourne businesses stay ahead of their competitors. We understand how important the visual representation of your business is, that’s why we design and manufacture signage to the highest possible standard. Our highly skilled team use a combination of traditional and modern design and manufacturing techniques to ensure your signs stand out and deliver the results you need. To work with expert signwriters, Melbourne businesses should get in touch with us online now or call us today on (03) 9419 0970.