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Get Your Brand Out There With Vehicle Signage

A big part of running a business is thinking of ways to get people to find out about your business and what it has to offer. This can be challenging, as these days many people throw away flyers and pamphlets and skip through radio and television ads. If you’d like to employ a method of advertising that gets your brand on the road and in front of thousands of eyes every day, then vehicle signage is the way to go.

Save money – and time

Traditional means of advertising are expensive and offer no guarantee that your message will be seen, let alone acted on. You will need to do it again as soon as your current advertising campaign runs out and you’ll need additional staff assistance to facilitate and manage the process. Why not choose vehicle signage as a more cost-effective, long-term solution? A car wrap will last months without a touch-up, and it will go wherever your company vehicle goes, come rain or shine. Your staff members can go about their business and let the signage speak for them. It will also keep working 24/7 – whether they’re on their way to/from work as well as on the weekends, during long drives and while sitting in traffic.

Make it stand out

Now that you know the advantages that vehicle signage has over traditional advertising, how can you use it to best promote your business? The key is to make it stand out in a way that works with the existing make, model and colour of your car. You’ll need to ensure you pick fonts, colours, texts and imagery that is in line with your brand. In addition, you’ll need to choose clear, large and easy to read messaging and imagery.

Last but not least, you will need to ensure that your vehicle signage very clearly tells the person seeing it what to do next. Do they need to call a number or visit a website? Make sure your call to action is easy to read and unmistakeable.

In just days of having your vehicle signage installed and then having your company vehicle out on the road, you’ll find that you’ll be catching people’s attention who want to use your business.

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