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Professional Car Wrapping Melbourne

Get Your Brand Out There with The Best Melbourne Vehicle Signage from the Team at Ausign. Every time you have company cars on the road, it becomes the perfect opportunity to promote your brand or business. Car wrapping and vehicle signage transforms your fleet into mobile billboards that advertise your brand no matter where you are in Melbourne. If you’d like to employ a method of advertising that gets your brand on the road and in front of thousands of eyes every day, then car wrapping and vehicle signage is the way to go.

Save Money and Time on Advertising with Melbourne Car Wrapping

Traditional means of advertising can be expensive and offer no guarantee that your message will be seen, let alone acted on. You will need to do it again as soon as your current advertising campaign runs out and you’ll need additional staff assistance to facilitate and manage the process. Why not choose vehicle signage as a more cost-effective, long-term solution?
  • Car wrapping will last months without needing a touch-up
  • It will go wherever your company vehicle goes
  • It will also keep working 24/7 – whether cars are on their way to/from work as well as on the weekends, during long drives and while sitting in traffic

Make Your Vehicle Signage Stand Out

Car decals are ideal for all commercial and fleet vehicles, light commercial vans, utes and tool trailers. Our vehicle decals are carefully designed and installed, ensuring a professional finish that protects your vehicle from stone chips and UV damage. To get the most out of your car signage, it needs to work with the existing make, model and colour of your car. You should:
  • Pick fonts, colours, texts and imagery that is in line with your brand.
  • Choose clear, large and easy to read messaging and imagery.
  • Ensure that your vehicle signage very clearly tells the person seeing it what to do next. Do they need to call a number or visit a website? Make sure your call to action is easy to read and unmistakeable.

Contact Ausign for Vehicle Signage Melbourne Business Trust

Want to get started on your vehicle signage? Just get in touch with us today! We specialise in car wrapping Melbourne company cars (full and partial wraps) and our expert team of designers can create, manufacture and install signage on one or multiple company cars. We are a full service signage company offering traditional signwriting, shopfronts, lightboxes, window frosting and more – we have all your business signage needs covered. Call us today on (03) 9419 0970 or contact us online.