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As popular as digital marketing has become in the last few years, traditional offline forms of advertising still have a crucial role to play in promoting sales. If you own a business with a physical location, then outdoor banners play a pivotal role in accomplishing certain marketing goals.

If your goals include the need to advertise the sale of a specific product, boost brand visibility or announce promotions, then outdoor banner installations focus on achieving these very goals. Let’s explore how.

  1. Focus on the sale of a product

If you want to draw attention to a product, installing an outdoor banner can be used very successfully. For example, a pharmacy wanting to promote the sale of a herbal supplement brand can design a banner advertising the product to be displayed outside the shopfront to draw attention and interest.

  1. Boost brand visibility and pick up on foot traffic

Whether placed in front of or nearby a shop’s location, outdoor banners never fail to be noticed by passers-by. New comers to the area are introduced to your business and can soon identify your brand.

  1. Announce special promotions or discounts

Who can refuse to engage with a big sign that shouts BIG SALE? Banner signs that advertise a sale or special are used to maximum effect to attract point of purchase sales. The use of visual cues such as bright colours and images help to achieve higher visibility.

Due to their size, outdoor banner installations offer the maximum impact of high visibility and all the related sales-promoting effects they come with. Additional benefits include being an affordable advertising tool that offers repeated returns on investment.

At Ausign our experienced staff can design and install outdoor banner signs for your business in Melbourne. We have become widely reputed for our expertise in producing a diverse range of good quality business signage products that offer our customers great value for money.