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As a devoted business owner you are meticulous in every aspect of running your business. You’ve decided to launch a new look and love the chosen design and colour composition for your shop’s sign graphics with quality of materials being one important consideration. Now all you need is for the signage to be installed. Here’s what you need to consider: in order to achieve perfect shop sign installation, you need an expert installation service provider. An installer who knows the importance of proper surface preparation as a crucial first step.

Why is so much emphasis placed on quality installation? Simply because improper installation techniques can result in loose edges, cracked visuals, mis-aligned graphics and poor trimming that can leave a less than desired result and totally ruin the image of your brand.

Successful installation requires proper preparation

Every seasoned installer knows the importance of surface preparation, especially for pressure-sensitive shop sign graphic applications. While the designated surface area may not look dirty or compromised this does not mean you can miss the critical step of cleaning the surface and preparing it before applying the graphic visuals.

Properly cleaning a surface achieves two important objectives:

  • Methodical removal of organic pollutants (dirt and insect spatter)
  • Meticulous removal of petrochemical impurities (grease, oils)

Another fact that every seasoned installer knows is that not all surface areas are to be treated equally when cleaning and preparing. Depending on the surface composition (wood, glass, plastic and painted surfaces) there may be different steps required.

Ausign has the required experience and expertise to offer professional shop sign installation services in Melbourne. Our use of the most advanced materials and tools and top techniques allows us to offer a high customer satisfaction value. Our proficiencies enable us to install sign graphics on a variety of surface types. Our expert technicians can advise on the best techniques and methods to be used on which surface area. As a professional service provider Ausign has reputed proficiencies in all facets of best practice methods for graphic application.