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In today’s modern retail world, consumers are continually bombarded with a huge variety of promotional messages, however, most messages a neglected most of the time. The integration of facial detection technology and digital signage offers a wide range of benefits to a retail business, so here we will explore what this technology involves and how it can benefit retailers.

What Is Face Detection?

This is a technology that uses innovative techniques and algorithms to find human faces within a captured video. It’s important to note that there is a difference between facial detection and facial recognition.

Facial detection – this is used to identify facial features that can help to tell demographic characteristics such as gender and age. It cannot tell the identity of the person and will not store any personal data. Once the characteristics are identified, the system stores only the data which can be used by businesses to understand their customers.

Facial recognition – this is more sensitive as it can tell the identity of a captured person if there is a match with database data.

Any system that detects and collects personal or private data can cause some apprehension. Business owners should use the collected data only to benefit their customers and pay close attention to any laws or government regulations that may limit the use of facial detection in public spaces.

How Can Digital Signage with Facial Detection Help a Retail Business?

The integration of digital signage and face detection technology offers huge benefits to a retail business. 

Audience measurement – this type of signage helps to assess and collect relevant measurement data on how visitors and customers interact with digital signage. It can determine the:

  • number of viewers
  • number of passers-by
  • total time spent in viewing the content

Analytics can also provide other useful information on foot traffic, customer demographics throughout the day, buying habits, and customer preferences throughout their buying journey. Further, it can group data by age and gender. This all allows a business to gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of their signage, and their overall marketing strategy.

Content optimization – The data collected can be used to create custom content and target specific demographics and potential customers. Since digital signage with face detection can identify the gender and age group of viewers, retailers have the ability to deliver highly personalised messages in real time. Additionally, the data can also be used to make improvements the layout of a store, suggest effective changes to displayed content, and drive better inventory-related decisions to improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Customers are at the core of any retail business, so it is vital to use a variety of methods to gain valuable insight into their characteristics and behaviours. Digital signage with face detection helps retailers to understand more about their customers and track the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns. This can allow for an enhanced in-store experience, resulting in increased sales, and increased profitability.

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