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Many of us would have fond memories of our local sports club. You may have played sport there every weekend and are now taking your kids to their sporting games at the local club. The local sports club provides a lot of benefits to the community, namely the social and health aspects that regular exercise and teamwork bring to both adults and kids. They also provide a venue for functions and community events.

Maintaining sporting stadiums and fields and providing sporting equipment is a costly expense, and local clubs often have to depend on the support of local businesses for the upkeep of the sports club.

Updated signage at your local sports club can benefit the club in two major ways:

  1. Appeal to the masses

New sports club signage makes the club look professional and polished, which can attract new players and gives the community a local function center. This leads to increased revenue through memberships and also venue hire. Sports club signage includes hand-painted signage on fencing, vehicle signage and 3D lettering on buildings to really make the club name pop!

  1. Generate sponsors

Sponsorship signage benefits both the sponsor and club. Sports sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between a sponsor (usually corporate) and a sports team.

A local sports club benefits by receiving assistance in terms of money (such as covering travel or event catering costs), equipment or services (the free use of a bus for example), but sponsorship also offers numerous benefits to a business.

Through sponsorship, a company shows support for local teams which goes a long way to improve their standing in the community, increase brand awareness and engage better customer loyalty. Common sponsorship signage includes grass signs on fields and sign panels for boundary fencing.

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