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Under the auspices of the great Australian researcher, Dr Stefan Schutt from Victoria University, a display of hand-written signs from the early 1950s depicting the history of signwriting in Melbourne, was on exhibition at Footscray Park Library. However, its display has recently been taken down.

Unfortunately, after the boom of the 1950s, there was a great decline in the social and economic climate in Australia, which caused the business of signwriting to diminish. However, in the years following the changes, a great push in the popularity of signs took off with great success.

Some of these examples still remain in the library, thanks to Dr Schutt and his efforts of careful restoration. A great example of this type of history of signwriting in Melbourne is Cadbury’s Bournville Cocoa, which has a contract agreement written up, a draft copy of the sign and even job sheets.

Learning from these pioneers of signwriting in Melbourne, and taking a leaf out of the history books, Ausign, to this day, offers signwriting with the most state-of-the-art, technically-advanced and artistic work. Covering Melbourne and Inner Suburbs, Ausign has taken over what some of the first advertisers painstakingly undertook to achieve. 

Since the historical days of signwriting’s beginnings, particularly in the Melbourne area, Ausign has seen a great increase in the broad designs, patterns and technological precision its clients require. Taking particular pride in the history of this art, Ausign still offers its clients traditional hand-written signs by qualified signwriters, who use traditional methods of hand-painting. Sometimes there’s nothing better than an old-school style.

Added to this, is Ausign’s many modern forms of sign creation, which includes digital printing, vehicle signage, window frosting, and much more.

Therefore, no matter if you’re after a more traditional advertisement or would like a modern form of signwriting, you can contact Ausign who will cater to your individual needs.

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