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Custom illuminated commercial signage & Lightboxes available from Ausign in Melbourne provides some of the most eye-catching and sophisticated business branding options available in the industry. Lightbox signage is an innovative advertising solution that promotes your business as a brand that moves with the times. The primary function of lightboxes, aside from displaying your brand in a visually appealing way, is to offer a dynamic method of getting your business the attention it deserves.

Position your business brand ahead of the competition

As a leading service provider in business signage products, Ausign has the expertise to provide you with customized lightbox designs that reflect a positive brand image. From variation in text font, colours and size to thickness of lightboxes and lighting options, the more unique the design, the more captivating the lightbox will be. Some successful lightbox designs include the display of iconic celebrity profiles. The more thought-provoking the imagery, the more interest in the brand is generated. This is an effective way to position your brand as an innovator.

Nothing lights up business branding quite like a lightbox sign

Make a statement that cannot be ignored with a tailor-made lightbox that fits in with your business goals. Colour and illuminated signs are critical factors to catch and hold the attention of the eye. Customized lightboxes featuring unique designs offer:

  • High visual appeal of artwork effective in attracting prospective customers
  • Higher returns on investment
  • Unique designs establish a business brand as visionary
  • Durable quality materials that offer a long lifespan
  • Extraordinary brand awareness potential
  • LED illuminated signs require less energy and are easier on your carbon footprint

Get more out of a lightbox sign and open up the possibilities for your business with the creative flair from Ausign. We offer professional design as well as installation services. You will also find us in Fitzroy, Collingwood, Port Melbourne, Kew, Hawthorn, Northcote, Brunswick and Richmond.

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