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With so many potential customers walking or driving past your business on a daily basis, windows provide a great opportunity to attract attention while advertising services and products. Glass is the perfect blank canvas for bespoke, eye-catching window film signage that can promote your brand, communicate your message and drive customers inside, but there are also many other benefits high quality window film can bring to your business. At Ausign, we understand that window film signage is an essential tool for most modern businesses so we can design, tailor-make and install the perfect window film signage solution for your requirements. Read on to see the amazing benefits window film can have for your business.

Transform Clear Windows into an Attractive Advertising Space

Window film allows for the creation attention-grabbing signage on your shop or office windows, driving more traffic through your doors and increasing sales with no obstruction to your view. You can incorporate images, branding and promotional messages, and you can also showcase your logo, business name, hours or other information – the advertising opportunities with custom window film are endless.

Increase Privacy without Loss of Light

Whether you need to create internal privacy for employees or privacy from the outdoors, window film allows for this without compromising on natural light. Use simple frosted glass panels or elaborate graphic designs, the choice is yours, there’s sure to be a window film solution for all your glass panels, whether internal or external.

Fully Customisable Designs to Meet Your Needs

Easily added to existing window, window film can be designed and made to suit any shape and size windows, so you do not have any limitations that other signage may impose. From plain, etch cut, printed or fully bespoke films, you can incorporate any designs, illustrations, images or company branding to bring your windows to life and enhance your retail message or office environment.

Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Whether it’s commercial, retail or even domestic use, window film is perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications. Use window film to create a custom solution for any corporate or retail environment, from shop fronts to boardrooms, office areas and breakout zones, window film is the perfect signage or privacy solution whilst giving a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Reduce Your Exposure to Sunlight

Window film helps to shield your interior from harmful UV Rays. Sunlight can create excessive heat, fade furnishings and create glare so installing professional window film onto your windows will help to control energy costs, reduce sun damage and provide an overall more pleasant environment.

An Affordable Signage Solution

When compared to other expensive and more permanent signage, window film is a cost-effective way to transform your windows, especially if you need to update your sales message on a regular basis. If you require short or long term signage, window film is a great affordable, low maintenance option that provides eye-catching impact to any business.

Convenient Application

Depending on the size of your windows, window film is relatively quick to install so there will be minimal disruption to employees, clients or customers. Once applied, the film functions as a permanent solution, however it can be quickly and easily removed as required.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Window film may be washed using non-abrasive cleaning solutions, so there is no need to change your regular window washing routine.

Bring your windows to life, advertise your business and still be able to see outside with Ausign’s custom window film signage. With the most innovative and creative team of designers and installers, we can create striking window signage for commercial or retail purposes. We use only the most trusted brands of window film available so you can be confident in our quality. With personalised customer service, and experienced team and competitive prices, there’s no better choice than Ausign for premium window film and frosting services in Melbourne.