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You’ve booked time to showcase your product or service at a significant upcoming trade show. It’s something that could majorly impact your business as you know there’ll be hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders in attendance that your business could benefit from connecting with. With only a few days to make an impression and stand out from similar companies on the floor, what can you do to engage attendees and meet your trade show goals regarding leads, signups or sales? Signage is the answer! Here’s what to consider.

  • Attract – Don’t Harass

A common tactic that businesses use in trade shows it to stop people as they walk by, making an outrageous claim or asking them to take a look at what’s on offer. This tactic doesn’t work well in trade shows as you’re one of the hundreds of businesses using the same ploy. Trying to nag attendees into stopping at your stall irritates them. A better tactic would be to attract them to you. This way you know that anyone who stops is receptive to what you have to say and offer. Exhibition signage can accomplish this for you without you having to say a word.

  • What To Put On Your Trade Show Sign?

Want to use a sign to attracts passersby? Remember three things. Firstly, as your display space is limited, you are better off with one large sign than many small ones. Secondly, the sign must be positioned so that people passing by can easily read it, as well as those walking a distance away. Thirdly, the message must entice people to take a second look. Is there any claim your product/service can meet? Is there any question it can answer? Use this as a guideline. Remember, engagement isn’t just about telling someone information, but it’s also about sparking a conversation.

  • What Kind Of Signage Should I Choose?

Banner advertising is an excellent choice for trade shows. They’re portable, reusable and being thin and narrow, they take up little space, are easy to carry and can be set up in seconds. You need two support polls to hold up your banner, and as most are made of vinyl and long-lasting ink, they’re easy to clean and robust. They’re cost effective too, which means you could create more than one with different messaging regarding different products and services.

With the New Year looming ahead, there’s never been a better time to plan your trade show appearances and the banners you’ll use, so why not contact Ausign today for advice?