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Frosted glass has been a popular window and door treatment for decades. Users of this material realised that it could offer them all the advantages of clear glass, without the pitfalls associated with the material. Businesses and office owners will know that it allows natural light through, making a room seem larger and more welcoming, while at the same time eliminating a harsh glare, limiting the need for daily cleaning. It makes smears and smudges less visible and adds much-needed privacy from passing eyes. If your business has invested in this type of glass, it can offer you another crucial advantage – by acting as a platform for frosted glass advertising.

  • Why Frosted Glass Advertising?

Window frosting advertising is as practical as it is attractive. Many businesses are reluctant to invest in it as its seen as an unnecessary purchase. However, frosted glass lets them achieve multiple things at the same time. On top of its advertising appeal, it works well in small businesses that have glass panels, doors or windows facing foot traffic as it can provide some level of privacy, while also blocking out excess heat and UV rays and keeping your interior cool. This will help preserve the longevity of your interior décor as carpets, flooring, and furniture can fade when in contact with direct sunlight.

  • Choosing Eye-catching Designs

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of using frosted glass advertising, you might want to know how you can use it to create an eye-catching impression of your business. The only limit here is your creativity. Here are some ideas:

  • For restaurants and cafes – a great option here is to frost the lower half of your glass panels. This gives patrons enough privacy as they eat, while still allowing passing customers to see what your restaurant interior looks like and how busy you are. Plus, add details about your restaurant or current specials on the windows to draw them in even further.
  • For shops without a shopfront – does your store lack a storefront area? If so, you can use frosted glass to creatively frame shelving or a display table that lies in your store and displays popular or new products. Provide sales or general store information to interest customers even further in your product.
  • Keep it simple – there’s nothing wrong with having your business name, operating hours and contact details displayed using writing on your frosted glass. It tells people what they need to know.

Curious about your frosted glass advertising options? Then contact Ausign to get started.