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For as long as potential customers have been staring through windows, window advertising has been around and it’s still one of the best ways to get people to come into your store when they are walking or driving by. With so many shops competing for attention you might not know where to begin when advertising on your storefront window. What should you say? Should you use images? What will most get shoppers to enter my store? The good news is that you can get creative with your window advertising – and it works!

Even though Australian consumers spend their time online and are exposed to online adverts, storefront adverts still count. FedEx did research into storefront advertising and found that about 8 in 10 respondents have entered into a shop based on its window advertising and that 60 percent of businesses with improved and visible storefront signage made more sales and more profits.

Here are 3 storefront advertising methods we find to be most effective:

Large Sticker Decals
So how can you use window advertising to stand out from your competitors? A method that we’ve found to be effective for our clients is large sticker decals for front window displays. While having your brand name and logo appear prominently is a must, you can also drive traffic to your brand’s social media platforms by placing social media icon stickers with your brand’s social media account information. Another option is to offer discounts and specials to those who engage with you on social media after seeing your storefront decal advertising.

Retail Signs
If you are advertising a product that families and children use, create a promotional retail sign at the eye level of those walking past. There is proof that these days, parents make purchasing decisions in collaboration with their children on items such as clothing or stationery. A storefront promotional sign will be better received than the junk food and toy adverts targeted at children near tills as these signs don’t force parents into making a purchasing decision on the spot.

Window Adverts
If you’re selling a service or product that is not available in store (for example, if you are a Travel Agent or Real Estate Agent), a window advert can bring what you offer to life by allowing you to display an exact  image or likeness. There’s a big difference between reading about a Split Level Duplex or Egyptian Getaway for sale and seeing it represented in full colour in your line of sight.

There is literally no limit to what your storefront adverts can do, and if you partner with a signage specialist, you’ll be able to find the most creative solution for your budget, brand and goals.