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It’s time to start looking at your shop sign designs as an investment in your business’ marketing goals. For business owners who want to encourage more foot traffic and encourage impulse buying, you don’t just want signage to announce your business, you want to use it to drive sales as well. How then do you achieve all of this?

It is a given that signs should have a simple font and be of the right size to increase legibility and visibility. But there are also essential design criteria or elements every shop sign should contain. When evaluating the effectiveness of business signage among the foremost criteria on a checklist are:

  • Colour

Visuals play the single most important part of business signage. Effective eye catching signs make good use of colour and contrast for maximum impact. Colour promotes high visibility and helps a sign stand out amongst a crowd of other signs all shouting for attention.

  • Keep the message short

A message that is to the point with exciting copy of at most 8 words has a better chance of being read.

  • Include the word ‘YOU’

Including words such as ‘you’ strengthens a sign’s appeal and encourages customers to identify with your brand.

  • Look out for wear and tear

Last on the list is regularly inspecting signage for wear and tear. This is not on everyone’s checklist, yet it is one of the most important elements of owning a sign, as it speaks directly to the brand pride and professionalism.

Peeling or faded paint, cracked or missing letters and warped frames are all indications of how serious you are about your business and how it is perceived by the public. Business signs need to be maintained and cleaned as they are part of the operational side of a business.

Creating an effective shop sign begins with the services of a professional signage company. At Ausign we have experienced staff who know exactly what criteria your shop sign design in Melbourne needs to meet.