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With the multiple generation groupings in the Australian workplace today, from the Baby Boomers to the Generation Y to Millennials, a lot of focus has been given to creating enhanced working spaces that focus on how best to promote productivity and performance for all concerned. Representing the next generation of leaders, Millennials seem to get the most attention. How do businesses retain the best minds and top talent when Millennial 2016 research points to two-thirds of this generation intending to leave their current places of employment by year 2020?

Bet you didn’t think that the answer to this question started with something as simple as frosted glass. Did you?

Millennial employees favour collaborative working environments that tend to differ from traditional work spaces. Through adapting working spaces that harmoniously blend the traditional with more collaborative working spaces preferred by Millennial employees, businesses can easily create purposeful spaces designed to attract and retain valued employees.

Using frosted glass to create collaborative workplace environments

Ausign in Melbourne can design and install frosted glass for customized work spaces solutions. Millennial employees perform best in transparent collaborative work spaces that encourage the open sharing of ideas and where they can learn from others. Frosted glass partitioning accommodates these needs easily and does so cost-effectively.

Benefits of frosted glass solutions to promote collaborative working spaces:

  • Promotes an open work culture that means no more cubicles
  • More effective collaboration among employees
  • Offers the best solution for work environments that need a bit of privacy when concentration and focus is wanted but also keeping the open and approachable qualities of a modern workplace

The physical work environment, through the clever use of space and versatile materials like frosted glass, has become a critical factor in keeping employee engagement and productivity levels high. Frosted glass solutions available from Ausign convey a sense of style as well as a professional appearance to a business space. Ausign is represented in Fitzroy, Collingwood, Port Melbourne, Kew, Hawthorn, Northcote, Brunswick and Richmond.