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Running your own business is no easy task and you face many daily challenges. Thankfully, if you can ensure a steady stream of repeat and new customers, there’s a good chance your business will beat the odds and be profitable for years to come. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by ensuring that you have persuasive, eye-catching signage. If your store isn’t seeing enough visitors, poor signage could be to blame. To make sure your signage isn’t costing you in cash, remember that all signs need to achieve certain things in order to be successful:

  • Basic Principles of Successful Signage

There are many qualities of a good sign. Here are a few of them:

  • The sign uses simple, bright colour combinations
  • The sign uses an easy to read font
  • The sign features limited wording and simple writing
  • The sign is easy to read, even from a distance

All the above pointers ensure that your sign will be seen, but to have customers, you also need to ensure that you can persuade them.

  • Buying Customers’ Buy-In

There are some messages which require no persuasion – for example, a store advertising “60% off” won’t have trouble getting people to take a look. What happens when you have a new or improved product to promote though? You won’t get far advertising the price unless it’s been reduced. For your everyday signage, you need to tell the customer what they’ll enjoy from your product or service.

Understanding this means listening to what customers have to say about their experience with your brand. For example, if you’ve noticed that your team gets complimented on their ability to work quickly, you could advertise that “We’ll register you in 10 minutes or less”.

If a new product offers a unique benefit, this can be used to persuade shoppers too. For example, it might not be available in Australia and you might be importing it from another country, or it might be a product that will whiten your teeth in two weeks – or get your money back. These signage messages are much more persuasive than a sign that says “We stock lotion” or “buy our tooth whitening products today’, right?

By being honest in your persuasive advertising and selling your product or service’s benefits – in other words not misleading customers or making false claims – you’ll go way further with your business signage.

Need some more advice about getting the most out of your signage. Feel free to contact us today!