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With outdoor banners, your business can convey simple pieces of information and grab the attention of anyone that walks by. They’re also a great way of increasing brand awareness and spreading the word about your company.

If you want the best outdoor signage, then you should consider vinyl banners. They have a range of benefits that make them a fantastic option.

Tough & Weatherproof

A critical thing that sets vinyl banners apart from other materials is the fact they’re tremendously durable. Vinyl is proven to be very weather resistant, meaning it can be outside come rain, wind, or shine. It’s challenging to rip or tear vinyl banners, and you can even get some made out of mesh vinyl that is perfect in high winds. They won’t flap around, which keeps your signage looking fresh and new for longer.

Many Customisable Designs

The beauty of vinyl banners is that they offer such a variety of designs for businesses. This is thanks to the way they’re created and printed – which is usually via digital or screen printing. The result is that you can choose from a range of different colours and designs to suit your brand image. Plus you can print your logo on any vinyl banner with ease, along with any text to accompany it.

Very Low-Maintenance

There’s no denying that outdoor banners are beneficial for your brand. However, one key issue is that they often require a lot of maintenance. You need to be out there all the time ensuring the banner hasn’t faded or become dirty. Then, you have to take the time to get them cleaned. With vinyl, you don’t have this issue at all. Not only are they immensely durable – meaning they won’t get dirty easily – but they’re so easy to clean if they do. All it takes is a couple of wipes with a cloth and they’re good as new.

Multiple Sizes

Vinyl banners come in so many different sizes. This means that no matter where you want to hang your banner, you can find the right size.

Versatile & Transferable

Vinyl banners can be used as a permanent fixture outside your premises, but the lightweight nature of them means you can easily move them around. Plus, couple this with the different sizing options and you have the perfect signage to take to an event or use alongside a pop-up stall. The possibilities are endless, which is why they’re such a great outdoor signage solution.

If you’re interested in getting some fully customisable vinyl banners for your business, then get in touch with us today. At Ausign, we can design the perfect vinyl outdoor sign for your Melbourne business.