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For business owners in Melbourne wanting to overhaul the layout and décor of their businesses or office managers looking to reshape or enhance their workplaces, window frosting is an option that offers highly advantageous perks and without the hassle and stress of more conventional methods. Consider these sought after benefits when weighing all your options on a business remodel.

  1. No building permit required. Creating private dining spaces in restaurant or the best of both or open and separated work spaces is easily and effortlessly achieved with frosted glass partitions. These can be quickly installed without having to obtain permits. Not even drywalls offer such convenience.
  2. Creative design flexibility. Window frosting Melbourne can be installed on floor to ceiling glass walls or on segmented partitions. Designs can be reconfigured when the needs arises without much hassle.
  3. Visual aesthetics. Frosted glass creates an undeniably stunning effect on a space. It can transform a drab looking restaurant into a 5-star culinary sensation. Glass partitioning in an office environment instantly evokes a contemporary 21st century exclusive atmosphere.
  4. Less operational downtime and minimal physical disruptions to work productivity. Unlike installing solid walls, frosted glass walls saves a business time during installation.
  5. Safety consideration. Window frosting easily solves the challenge of humans walking into or birds flying into crystal clear glass walls.

Frosted glass walls and partitions are cost effective solutions to reconfiguring a workspace or reshaping the look and atmosphere of a business in Melbourne. What’s more is that you can redefine professional and commercial environments without having to inhale hazardous dust or endure the seemingly endless whines of a drill. Call us at Ausign to find out more about our window frosting solutions. We serve businesses in the Melbourne metropolis with a wide range of business signage solutions. For more details about window frosting Melbourne contact us.