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New marketing methods and smart technological innovations make this an exciting time to be in the signage industry. At Ausign, we’re always looking for new ways to offer our clients future-forward services, while retaining our tradition of excellence.

Here are 5 trends to keep an eye out for in the second-half of 2018

  1. Texture printing

This innovation uses 3D printing technology to offer a tactile experience that enables customers to interact with the signage rather than merely looking at it. Its uses are endless. Think signage for a luggage brand, where customers could get up close to the signs and feels the texture of the leather or canvas.  And the applications could also be functional. Braille instructions on signs, for example, will enable the sight-impaired to navigate with ease. Texture offers a physicality and interactive, high-impact effect that we’ve only just begun to explore.

  1. Building Wraps

Building wraps are by far the easiest way to achieve 24/7, high-impact visibility. These super-sized, attention-grabbing banners cover large walls or part of building facades in key locations and can be seen for miles, offering unsurpassed impact. We’re also seeing them used on scaffolding around construction sites, and here they offer a number of benefits: providing brand visibility, protecting the public from debris and concealing the mess of the site.

  1. Sharing History

Signage is going beyond the informative, to explore the narrative. Many brands are telling their story with history or commemorative walls in their lobbies, passages or central office spaces to enormous effect. These walls are totally customisable and can be designed to cover the entire length of a wall, incorporating pictures and text. It’s an excellent branding exercise and adds impact to the interior decor. A magazine publisher, for example, could place collages of all its best covers over the years on the walls of key areas, thereby illustrating the development of the brand in a modern, attractive and highly brand-focused way.   

  1. Entrance Impact

Companies want customers to be immersed in their brand the moment they enter a building and indoor signs and innovative signage on lobby walls and entrance areas have made a bold appearance. This is a great way for a business to make a brilliant first impression, show off their logo and corporate colours and let the world know they mean business.

  1. Green Goes Further

Social responsibility is a priority in most industries these days, and the signage business is no different. Eco-friendly materials and printing methods are increasingly used as companies do the best to tread lightly. In addition, as the public becomes more environmentally conscious, consumers are opting to work with companies that share their ethos. The future will definitely bring even more planet-friendly materials and processes for signage companies to use.

At Ausign we’re committed to keeping up with industry trends to ensure we’re offering our customers the best service. Get in touch today to find out how we can increase the visibility of your brand.

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